Episode 4 : Tawn Le (Wants You to Find Your Why)

Tawn Le left her corporate job at Amazon in New York City in the summer of 2018 to pursue an adult gap year to satiate her curiosities. During her gap year, she unknowingly spent time with her Father before he unexpectedly passed away in early 2019. Her experience during those last few months further solidified her intuition of leaning into her love of creativity and play. Tawn is currently using her year off to travel, learn, illustrate for her blog and comic strip, develop her Reiki practice, lean into her creativity, and build deeper connections with friends and family. We talk about her favorite images and my favorite image she created.

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el Jong’s pick

Illustration by Tawn Le

Tawn’s pick #1

Photo by Tawn Le

Tawn’s pick #2

Illustration by Tawn Le for Sticky Situations

Tawn’s pick #3

Illustration by Tawn Le for Sticky Situations

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